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Attractions you can enjoy.

Groomer ride

Try an adrenaline ride and experience the slope from a different perspective than you are used to. Experience slope conditioning with a groomer before evening skiing. Get on the body or directly in the cabin and enjoy the noise of the snow cutter.

Ski Cross

A slope with terrain modifications – jumps, waves and banked turns, which is suitable for every skier, including the smallest visitors of the resort. Difficulty is from easy to medium, the length of the track is 550 meters.

It consists of three lines:

  1. Ski cross – 5 banked turns, 4 waves, 1 double wave and 1 auto-obstacle
  2. Freestyle – 4 obstacles and auto-obstacle
  3. Babyjump – 6 natural waves
Retro sledding

A popular winter attraction for whole families or groups in a retro style. Rent bags filled with straw and enjoy an original and fun way down.

 Rental €3 (deposit per bag €2).

Magic forest

Cross-country ride through a snow-covered forest, in which various fairy-tale creatures await you. However, you also need to be a little careful and wear glasses just in case.

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